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Zigbee repeater - Smart socket

It is the combination of smart plug and repeater. After binding with HD-8Z and the indoor monitor, cell phone app and indoor monitor can control on/off of the smart plug via wireless network. It is also used as smart home signal repeater if HD-8Z and the home appliance are too far away from each other or blocked.

  • Control the ON/OFF function of electric rice cooker, TV, AC, fridge, wash machine, air purifier, water heater etc. through smart socket with Zigbee module inside.
    • Model Zigbee repeater
    • System Fifth generation digital
    • Standby power 0.2W
    • Working temperature -20℃—50℃
    • Working humidity ≤90%
    • Dimension(WxHxD) 68x110x58(mm)
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