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Smart home indoor unit

881 series is our first 10 inch screen intelligent home system indoor machine, the design is simple and generous, solid material and good workmanship. From the front view, a high-definition touch panel covers the overall facade, feel smooth, hard texture, greatly increased the 881 series of texture and visual beauty. 10 inches screen resolution of 1024 x 600, good clarity.

The 881 series is equipped with our latest generation of independent research and development of intelligent system in Home Furnishing, inherit the tradition of the previous generation at the same time, with its own distinctive characteristics. Clean interface and rich functions, use in the process of performance is very smooth, no Caton phenomenon.


  • Model SM881CH-MVCR
  • System Fifth generation Smart home System
  • Body colour Black
  • Conversation method Hands-free
  • Installation type Surface mount
  • Screen Size 10" LCD screen
  • Screen resolution 1024 X 600(TFT)
  • Body material Alloy
  • Input voltage DC 12V - 18V
  • Working temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
  • Standby current 330mA
  • Conversation time 2 minutes
  • Working current 690mA(second-confirmed outdoor station)
  • Conversation method Dual transmission
  • Standby power consumption 2.4W
  • Memory space 256M(built-in)
  • Dimension(WxHxD) 340x210x35(mm)


1、In the installation position, according to the size of the square hole, to maintain its level, vertical;
2、The embedded bottom box is embedded in the wall so that the wall is on the same surface as the wall and is fixed with cement;
3、Fix the back cover with a screw on the embedded bottom box;
4、Consult wiring diagram to connect indoor machine;
5、The indoor machine is buckled from top to bottom and the back cover is buckled, and then screws are used to fix the indoor machine and the back cover from the screw hole under the indoor machine, and the installation is completed.

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