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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your company's smart home features?

Hello, we are Home Furnishing intelligent system through 485 is connected with the indoor machine, and intelligent Home Furnishing system in infrared controller, repeater (plug), switch controller, curtain controller and other supporting can form a long distance to Zigbee signal transmission, intelligent home in a wide range of wireless transmission network.

Through indoor or mobile phone dedicated APP software, you can control the home appliances in the network.

What are the features of your short circuit protector?
Hello, our short circuit protector not only has the function of video signal isolation, but more importantly, it also has the function of the whole system protection. When a fault occurs, the protector automatically isolates the user from the work of the entire system. The system is automatically restored after troubleshooting.
We worry that metal made door machines can be easily eroded by moist air after a period of time.
Hello, please don't worry. The door panel of our company is made of aluminium alloy.
The design of your 396 indoor machines is not beautiful enough.
Hello, Thank you for your valuable advice. Our products are designed independently, and have obtained independent property right. If you don't like the appearance of the 396 indoor machine, we have hundreds of models for you to choose from. We will also be in accordance with your advice, continue to improve and design more in line with your requirements of the products, have introduced new products, please continue to pay attention to us. Thank you!
We like the design and function of your indoor machines, but we are worried about the patent right.
Hello, the design and technology of all our products have obtained independent property right.
The summer in Malta is very hot. Is it easy to get hot outside when the door is outside?
Hello, please don't put the door installed in direct exposure to the sun's place, which will shorten the service life of the door machine or even damage it. The normal operating temperature of all our door machines is from -20 degrees to 55 degrees.
The MT371C we bought had some minor problems, and there was always a little snow on his screen.
Hello, please adjust the product according to our product instruction, or check the voltage is too low. We recommend that you read the product instructions carefully before using them.

For more questions, please contact our customer service or email us. We will be able to process your questions for the first time.

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