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Administrator software

Install management software, you can through the computer management of the whole system, edit personal and public information, this information is sent to the controller unit information, household access to personal information and public information by the indoor machine, or through the preset mobile phone information.

  • Function introduction

  • Resident: can record, modify, delete, print the names of households, gender, identity cards, mobile phones and other information.
  • Alarm record: record, delete, print, alarm, extension call management center information, etc.
  • Play image: console player can be played, call management center is stored image.
  • Administrator: the operation and management of the system.
  • Message: computers distribute personal and public information at will.
  • Call: calling doorway machine, indoor machine.
  • Unlock: open the door lock.
  • Monitor: monitor entrance machine.
  • Hang up: hang up with the door machine, indoor machine call.
  • Computer image storage: when a doorway computer calls an internal machine (Management Center), the management center computer can store and record visitor images.

  • Extended function

  • With administrator switchboard all functions.
  • The computer sends public and personal information at will.
  • Household data management.
  • The computer captures the image function of the visitor at the entrance.
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