600 Series

600 independent access control is designed for office building, office, Intelligent Building, residential, factories, building public channel entrance control network access control system is introduced, use a password to open the way to provide a simple direct and safe solution for user access control system.


  • Model DH16A-600T
  • Storage capacity: Maximum stored 40 sets of password
  • Unlock output delay time 0~99s
  • Body material Aluminium alloy
  • Body colour Silver
  • IP rating IP65
  • Installation Surface mounted
  • DC 12v-24v
  • AC 12v-24v
  • Standby current ≤80mA
  • Working current ≤160mA
  • Working temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
  • Dimension(WxHxD) 100x110x38.5(mm)

Before installing, first determine the location of the read head access control, as follows:

1、Use the supplied template, place it correctly in the position you need to install, mark the hole as "B", and then drill 4 holes into the "B" position of the icon to penetrate the particle;
2、Fix the back cover on the wall with the supplied screws, pull the line out of the center hole and keep the back cover level;
3、Connect the read head access control with reference wiring diagram;
4、Connect the reader access, will read the Toumen ban back cover and screw down.

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